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Fiber Characterization - Chemical Pulping -
Pulp Bleaching

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EFPG Days, Spring 2003      
April 8-9, 2003 - Grenoble (France)

The following pages contain the summaries (and later the slides) of courses dealing with the state of the art of fiber characterization (chemical, mechanical and recycled fibers), fiber preparation by cooking and bleaching, yield improvement, and concerning the lastest research results in these areas. The table of contents gives you the list of the topics which are actually covered. The authors are lecturers/teachers from EFPG (Ecole Française de Papeterie et des Industries Graphiques), AFOCEL, CTP (Centre Technique du Papier), and suppliers of the paper industry.

Table of contents
Abstr. Slides Nr. Title Author
First Session : Fiber Characterisation
  01.     Morphological characterization of pulp components. State of the art and new techniques C. Voillot, EFPG
  02. Specificity of recycled fibers morphology C. Voillot, EFPG
03. Application of Morfi to pulp characterization R. Passas, EFPG
N.A. N.A. 04. Analysis of fibers for a better understanding of the impact of mechanical pulping processes M. Petit-Conil, Centre Technique du Papier
Second Session : The Yield Issue
05. Reasons for yield losses during kraft cooking. Possible strategies for yield increase D. Lachenal (EFPG)
06. Effect of wood species mixtures on Kraft pulping M. Lecourt, D. da Silva Perez, C. Deleuze-Brezins (AFOCEL)
  07. Genetic determinism of pulp and paper properties. Examples of maritime pine and poplar programs D. da Silva Perez, A. Thémelin, P. Alazar, A. Berthelot (AFOCEL)
08. Ozonation of high kappa pulps. New possibilities D. Nyangiro (EFPG)
09. Existing alternatives to improve yield and benefits M. Sundar, M. Muguet, M. Epiney, G. Homer (Air Liquide)
  10. Using recycled paper as raw material for incremental increase in chemical pulp production. Practical relevance of this approach C. Chirat, M.T. Viardin, D. Lachenal (EFPG) et T.N.B. Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh Ville University)
Third Session : Bleaching
11. Effect and future of bleaching chemicals D. Lachenal (EFPG)
  12. Modeling full bleaching sequences. A tool for process modification G. Mortha (EFPG)
13. Factors affecting the bleaching ability of pulps C. Chirat, D. Lachenal (EFPG) et C. Mateo (CTP/EFPG)


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