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Fiber Properties - Color & Brightness -
New developments in Ozone Bleaching

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EFPG Days, Spring 2004      
April 27-28, 2004 - Grenoble (France)

The EFPG invite you to join us for "The 2004 EFPG Days sessions" which will held on April 27-28, 2004 in Grenoble, France on the following thematic :

"Fiber properties - Color and Brightness - New developments in ozone bleaching"

Eighty people, including 20 academics and 25 PhD students, are currently doing their research at EFPG (Ecole Française de Papeterie et des Industries Graphiques), one of the largest academic research centers and teaching organizations for the pulp, paper and graphic arts sectors in Europe. The research activity covers the whole field from wood (and non-woody plants) to converted and printed paper.
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During the two days of this short-course you will be informed about the state of the art of fiber characterization and properties, the relations between fibers and paper properties, the brightness and color of the chemical and recycled fiber pulps, ozone bleaching and about our latest research results in these areas. The following program gives you the list of the topics which will actually be covered.

The content of the lectures will be specially organized to fit an audience of industry people interested in fiber production and characterization issues, as well as suppliers wishing to know about new opportunities for their products and equipment. Time will be left for discussion and exchanges and special care will be taken to make this event most fruitful and enjoyable.

The principal lecturers/teachers will be : Professor Dominique Lachenal, Dr Christian Voillot, Dr Christine Chirat, Associate Professor Gérard Mortha, Dr Nathalie Marlin and Dr Raphael Passas from EFPG. Mill representatives and chemical equipment suppliers will also give presentations.

If you are interested in receiving more information about these EFPG Days, please contact Christine CHIRAT.

Final program
Nr. Title Author
Key-note address
00.     What properties do we need for the paper of tomorrow? K. Ebeling, UPM-Kymmene
First Session : Fiber properties (April 27, 2004)
01. Effect of fiber morphology on paper properties C. Voillot and R. Passas, EFPG
02. Characterization of paper structure using X-ray Microtomography J-F. Bloch and M. Rueff, EFPG
03. Ways to evaluate the paper-making potential of pulps. Some examples J-M. Serra Tosio, EFPG
04. Applications of near infrared and RAMAN Spectroscopies for the prediction of wood, pulp and paper properties D. da Silva Perez and A. Guillemain, AFOCEL
05. Mechanical properties of pulp mixtures. Practical consequences. D. Lachenal, EFPG
06. Modification of fiber properties by hemi-cellulose redeposition G. Mortha, EFPG, T. Hannuksela and B. Holmbolm, Abo Akademy University
07. Fiber damage in softwood pulping. What is it and how can it be defined ? I. Rauvanto and K. Henricson, Laaperantaa University of Technlogy
Second Session : Color and Brightness (April 27, 2004)
08. Brightness and color of paper. Basic aspects and application D. Lachenal, EFPG
09. Dyes and whitening agents of recycled papers. How to color-strip ? N. Marlin, EFPG
10. Is pulp color governing bleachability ? D. Lachenal, C. Chirat and N. Benattar, EFPG
Third Session : New Developments in ozone bleaching (April 28, 2004)
11. Ozone has the potential of becoming a universal bleaching agent. Reasons and opportunities C. Chirat and D. Lachenal, EFPG
12. Development of ozone bleaching worldwide: the high consistency technology R. Campo and M. Sundin, Metso
13. Development of ozone bleaching worldwide: the medium consistency technology O. Pikka, Andritz
14. Effect of ozone as pulping stage in deinking lines. application to toner printed papers and flexo printed and coated papers G. Mortha, N. Marlin, J-C. Roux and I. Fernandes-Fernandes, EFPG
15. Use of ozone to increase kraft pulp yield C. Chirat, D. Nyangiro, D. Lachenal, EFPG and B. Struga CTP/EFPG
16. Ozone for final bleaching ? G. Pipon, Wedeco/EFPG, C. Chirat and D. Lachenal, EFPG


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