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La liste des dossiers Scientific report of the LGP2
Les thèmes techniques
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 Researchers of the LGP2 (EFPG, INPG, CNRS, CTP)
(December 2006)
Documents taken from the
"Scientific Report of the Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Science and Graphic Arts - UMR 5518
Grenoble - France
January 2002-November 2005"
The Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Science and Graphic Arts (LGP2) is a mixed research unit, UMR 5518, whose sponsoring organizations are the French Ministry of Education and Research, the French Paper Institute (CTP), The French School of Paper Science and Graphic Industries (EFPG) and the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). LGP 2 is located at the Grenoble University Campus within the buildings of the EFPG. It's the largest European centre in the field of pulp and paper science and of the valorisation and printing of paper-based products.
—  Summary  —
I -  Papermaking and environment engineering  
I - 1 -   Introduction
I - 2 -   Interdependance of fibre flocculation and fine elements retention in a papermaking suspension P. Huber, J.C. Roux, E. Mauret, N. Belgacem, B. Carré, M. Martinez.
I - 3 -   Influence of wetting phenomena upon penetration of water into paper at short contact times,
in relation with paper coating
M. Bouchon, M. Rueff, V. Morin.
I - 4 -   An activated sludge process for the biological treatment of urban or industrial wastewater:
from the design of an instrumented and supervised pilot towards a co-operative monitoring system
C. Bassompierre, M. Aurousseau, A. Guillet, M. Aichi, C. Cadet, J.F. Béteau.
II -  Chemical processes  
II - 1 - Introduction  
II - 2 - Novel investigations on chlorine dioxide bleaching G. Mortha, N. Bénattar, Y. Hamzeh, D. Lachenal.
II - 3 - Behaviour of pulp mixtures containing chemical and mechanical fibres
during hydrogen peroxide treatments with oxygen. Application to bleaching of recycled fibres
N. Marlin, D. Lachenal, L. Magnin, M.C. Brochier-Salon.
II - 4 - New processes of extraction and functionalisation of lignocellulosic materials G. Mortha, C. Chirat, D. Lachenal, A. Bourgeois, H. Rezgui, M.T. Viardin, N. Marlin, S.P. Mishra, G. Pipon, N. Benattar, M. Allix.
III -  Paper physics  
III - 1 - Introduction  
III - 2 - Structural characterisation of fibrous materials S. Roland du Roscoat, X. Thibault, Y. Chave, J.F. Bloch.
III - 3 - Contribution to the comprehension of fibres-chemical additives interaction
with Environmental Scanning Microscopy
R. Passas, G. Mortha.
III - 4 - Wet end chemistry E. Zeno, J. Da Silva Mourao, B. Carré, E. Mauret.
  III - 5 - Papermaking potential characterisation of different cellulose fibres pulps J.M. Serra Tosio, N. Reverdy-Bruas, Y. Chave.
IV -  Printing processes  
  IV - 1 - Introduction  
IV - 2 - Study of the wettability and the transfer of new generation blanket ink E. Rousset, R. Catusse, C. Mercier, J.L. Tourron.
IV - 3 - Colour reproduction and new printing processes L. Chagas, A. Blayo, R. Catusse, D. Curtil, J.L. Tourron.
IV - 4 - New applications of printing technologies E. Rousset, A. Blayo, R. Catusse, M. Fenoll, L. Durville.
V -  Packaging and converting  
  V - 1 - Introduction  
V - 2 - New pressure sensitive adhesive paper J. Empereur, D. Chaussy, N. Belgacem, A. Gandini.
V - 2 - Cellulose and starch reinforced composites and nano composites W. Thielemans, L. Babacar, A. Dufresne, N. Belgacem.
V - 4 - Valorisation of differents agricultural crops in papermaking applications S. Schott, D. Chaussy, E. Mauret, I. Desloges, N. Belgacem.
La liste des dossiers Les thèmes techniques
Files Subjects
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