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You are here: Home > Technique > Processes > Future of fibre based biomaterials for packaging > Summary           Update: August 31, 2009
La liste des dossiers Future of fibre based biomaterials for packaging Les thèmes techniques
Liste des dossiers Thèmes techniques
 Researchers of the Laboratory LGP2
(September 2009)
Ecole internationale du papier, de la communication imprimée et des biomatériaux
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Posters realized for the 8th Pagora Days "Future of fibre based biomaterials for packaging?" in July 2009 by the LGP2 researchers with their research partners and coordinated by Deborah Le Corre.

Directory of Grenoble INP-Pagora and laboratory LGP2

—  Summary  —
I R. Khiari, M.F. M’henni, E. Mauret, and M.N. Belgacem Eco-friendly flocculant prepared from date palm rachis
II R. Khiari, M.N. Belgacem, E. Mauret, M.F. M’henni Date palm rachis as a source of cellulose fibres for papermaking applications
III J. El Barqy, H. Kaddami, M. Lhcini, A. Dufresne In-situ polymerization of poly(ε-caprolactone) onto lignocellulosic fibres from date palm tree leaflets
IV A. Ben Mabrouk, A. Dufresne, H. Keddami, S. Boufi Preparation of poly(styrene-co-hexylacrylate) / Cellulose whiskers nanocomposites via miniemulsion polymerization
V A.L. Goffin , N. Schiltz , Y. Habibi , E. Duquesne , A. Dufresne , P. Dubois Bionanocomposites based on polyester-grafted polysaccharide nanocrystals: reinforcement of mechanical properties
VI O. Paquet, M.N. Belgacem, E. Zeno, F. de Buyl Cellulose surface modification with organosilanes
VII M. Krouit, J. Bras, M.N. Belgacem From Grafted Cellulose Fibres to Biocomposite Tray
VIII R.E. Abou-Zeid, N.A. El-Wakil, Y. Fahmy, A. Dufresne Reed lignocellulosic thermoplastic composite
IX A. Bendahou, H. Kaddami, A. Dufresne Nanocomposites materials reinforced with cellulose microfibrils from date palm
X H. Abdillahi, G. Siqueira, J. Bras, A. Dufresne Nanocomposites materials reinforced with cellulose whiskers from new source: Capim Dourado
XI G. Siqueira, J. Bras, A. Dufresne Multiscale nanoparticles from sisal and compatibilization techniques to reinforce polycaprolactone
XII C. Bruzzese, J. Bras, M. Hassan, A. Dufresne Utilization of agricultural residues in cellulosic nanocomposite for advanced packaging products
XIII T. Sénéchal, J. Bras AGROBAR: AGROmolecules for BARrier packaging
XIV D. Le Corre, J. Bras, A. Dufresne Starch Nanocrystals for ecoefficent barrier packaging
XV J. Viguié, P. Dumont, S. Rolland du Roscoat, P. Vacher,
I. Desloges, E. Mauret, J.F. Bloch
Hygroexpansion of paperboard by a correlation method of images obtained by ESEM
XVI C. Marulier, D. Caillerie, P. Dumont, L. Orgéas Modelling of the hygro-thermomechanical behaviour of intricated networks of natural fibres
XVII A. Denneulin, J. Bras, A. Blayo, C .Neuman Inkjet printing of conductive patterns using carbon nanotubes and PEDOT:PSS suspension
La liste des dossiers Les thèmes techniques
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