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Last update : June 4, 2003
Master Degree in Pulp and Paper Science    (in French)

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EFPG (Ecole Française de Papeterie et des Industries Graphiques), the French Pulp, Paper and Printing School, located in Grenoble, is offering an International Master Program in Pulp and Paper Science. This program is open to both French and foreign students possessing already a Master or an equivalent diploma in another discipline. All the lectures are given in English. The Master certificate is delivered by the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG) to those having completed the program successfully.

(June 4, 2003)

Course program

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The purpose of this program is to give a qualification in the field of pulp and paper science and technology to graduate students interested in a career in Pulp, Paper and allied industries. It includes pulping, bleaching, papermaking coating, paper recycling, paper properties, environmental and economical aspects.

Program duration

The program has a total duration of 9 months run in an intensive way during 5 months from mid-September to mid-February. A 4-month thesis work has to be completed from the beginning of march to the end of June. The topic may be, either industrial or R&d nature provided that scientific aspects are covered.



  COURSE   Hours   Total
  Manufacturing Process of Cellulose Pulps       140 h
  Raw materials, mechanical and chemical pulps
Chemistry and technology of pulping processes
Power production in the pulp industry
Economics of pulp and paper industry
  50 h
50 h
20 h
20 h
  Preparation and Physical Properties of Fibrous suspensions       155 h
  Physical properties of fibrous suspensions
Unit operations ahead of the papermachine
Paper recycling
Water and effluents
  60 h
60 h
15 h
20 h
  Paper Manufacturing       115 h

Physical chemistry of papermaking
Distribution, forming and pressing of the sheet
Sheet drying
Process modeling and simulation

  20 h
60 h
20 h
15 h
  Finishing and Converting       75 h

Paper microscopy and image analysis

  15 h
30 h
15 h
15 h
  Paper Materiel       110 h

Physical properties of paper sheets
Ink-paper relation ships
Mechanical properties of composites
Properties of paperboard and corrugated board

  60 h
15 h
15 h
20 h
  Industrial project       425 h

Admission requirements

Admission to the "International Master in Pulp and Paper Science" is based on the following requirements :

    A completed Master of Engineering, Master of Science or equivalent (diplôme d'ingénieur) ;
  A score of 550 or better on the Test of English as a foreign Language (TOEFL) ;
  Acceptance by the admission committee ;
  Payment of the tuition fees.

Tuition fees

Regular tuition fees are 10 000 Euros. This amount can be reduced under certain circumstances such as financial difficulties. The admission committee, may take this decision upon request after close examination of the particular cases.

Application Form

An application form for the master program can be obtained from EFPG

Professor Jean-Claude Roux
International Coordinator

Domaine Universitaire
461, rue de la Papeterie
38402   -   Saint Martin d'Hères Cedex
Tel : 33 4 76 82 69 11 or 33 4 76 82 69 51
Fax : 33 4 76 82 69 33
e-mail : Jean-Claude.Roux@efpg.inpg.fr

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