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Last Update : December 11, 2003
"EFPG days" 2004  (in French)

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Following the success of the first edition of "EFPG Days" which was held on 8 and 9 April 2003, the EFPG presents the program of the next sessions. This seminar, intended for a public of industrialists responsible for R&D or for production, consists in presenting the state of the art and the latest results of research in the fields of specialization of the EFPG. The formula offered on this occasion appealed to the participants for its conviviality, closer to that of a training seminar than a traditional conference.

J. Rouis, C.Chirat
(December 11, 2003)

The First edition of "EFPG Days" a success

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The first session of spring 2003 was devoted to the techniques of morphological characterization of fibers as well as the progress made in the operations of pulp manufacture : increase in the material yield during cooking, optimization of the operations of bleaching using chlorine dioxide, oxygen or ozone.

The presentations, conducted by teacher-researchers and PhD students of the EFPG, researchers of the AFOCEL and CTP as well as by some suppliers, was conducted exclusively in English and brought together 48 participants from a score of companies representing 8 countries, some distant such as Brazil and Vietnam. The summaries and the presentations of the program 2003 are available on the site of the CERIG under the heading "EFPG Days".

Les participants à EFPG Days 2003
Participants to the 2003 session of "EFPG Days"

Next session in April 2004

The next edition of the "EFPG Days" will take place on 27 and 28 April 2004 at the EFPG (Grenoble). The program of this session has been organized by the departments of "Process Chemistry" and "Physics of fibrous structures" of the LGP2 (research laboratory of the EFPG). It will deal with the following topics :

    Fibers properties;
  Color and brightness of paper ;
  New developments in the pulp industry.

The principal speakers in the program of this session are :

    Professor Dominique LACHENAL, specialist in the chemical processes of pulp production and bleaching,
  Dr Christian VOILLOT, specialist in microscopy and fiber characterization ,
  Dr Christine CHIRAT, specialist in pulp bleaching and at the origin of several developments using ozone,
  Dr Raphaël PASSAS, specialist in the characterization of fibers,
  Associated Professor Gérard MORTHA, specialist in the chemistry of the processes applied to cooking and to bleaching,
  Dr Nathalie MARLIN, specialist in the bleaching of fibers of recovery,
  Representatives of paper mills and the suppliers of chemical products and equipment will also take part in the presentations.

The detailed program of this event which will begin with a question on the "Essential Properties of the Paper of Tomorrow" as well as the information request form, are available under the heading "EFPG Days".

The EFPG has anticipated, that from 2004 onwards, two sessions per year will be organized (one in April and the other at the end of the year). In order to cover each research set of themes of the EFPG, the permutations will be carried out so that the same topic returns at the end approximately three years. The session of autumn 2004 should deal with a set of themes related to graphic industries.

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