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Last update : July 28th, 2005
EFPG Days 2005  "Last developments in pulp bleaching - Ozone bleaching - Chemical modification of fibres" (in French)

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The fourth session of EFPG Days will focus on ozone bleaching, on the improvement of chlorine dioxide bleaching, and on chemical modification of fibres. EFPG (École Française de Papeterie et des Industries Graphiques) organizes this international event on October 11th and 12th, 2005 during the IP exhibition in Grenoble at Alpexpo.
As well as in the previous sessions, this event will present the state of the art and the lastest EFPG research results on these specific topics.

Christine Chirat
(July 19th, 2005)

"EFPG Days" : an event that attracts every year a large and international audience

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The two first sessions were devoted to bleaching, yield gain and fibre characterisation, in 2002 and 2003, and the third session concerned the latest developments in printing (2004). The fourth session of this international event will focus on latest developments in ozone bleaching, in the improvement of chlorine dioxide bleaching, and in chemical modification of fibres. The lectures, realized by EFPG researchers and also by some the EFPG industrial partners, will be in english.

The subjects of this seminar will focus on :

    the bleaching and the ozone treatment of the chemical and mechanical pulps fibres,
  the ways to improve the chlorine dioxide bleaching,
  the chemical modification of fibres in order to improve the paper properties or to create new uses,
  and the potentialities in relation with the use of vegetal nanofillers.

The content of the lectures will be specially organized to fit an audience of industry people interested in pulp bleaching and fibre chemical modification issues, as well as suppliers willing to know about new opportunities for their products or equipments.

Program of the "EFPG Days" 2005, Grenoble - Alpexpo, October 11th& 12th, 2005

Nr. Title Author(s)
October 11th, 2005
01    Key-note introduction  
First session - Ozone treatement of chemical pulps (October 11th, 2005)
02. Why using ozone for the bleaching of chemical pulps ? Tutorial. Dominique Lachenal, EFPG
03. Applying ozone on high kappa pulps (kraft and sulfite) to improve the bleached pulp yield. Christine Chirat, EFPG
04. Ozone as  final bleaching stage: basic aspects and process performance. Guillaume Pipon, EFPG
05. Effect of ozone on fiber morphology and papermaking properties, Raphaël Passas, Christine Chirat, EFPG
Second session - Improvement of bleaching response of chemical pulps (October 11th, 2005)
06. Reasons for bleachability problems and ways to resolve them Dominique Lachenal, EFPG
07. Getting the best from chlorine dioxide bleaching : The hot D stage Christine Chirat, EFPG
08. Getting the best from chlorine dioxide bleaching : Chlorine dioxide splitting Dominique Lachenal, EFPG
Third session - Ozone in mechanical pulping (October 11th, 2005)
09. Why using ozone in mechanical pulping ? Tutorial Dominique Lachenal, EFPG
10. Saving energy  by  application of an ozone treatment in the mechanical pulping process. Jean-Christophe Hostachy, Wedeco
October 12th, 2005
Fourth session - Fiber chemical modification (October 12th, 2005)
11. Surface modification of cellulose fibres, the state of the art. Naceur Belgacem, EFPG
12. Effect of carboxyl groups on transformer board surface properties. Audrey Bourgeois, EFPG
13. Different ways to create carboxyl groups on cellulose. Effect of paper properties. Gérard Mortha, EFPG
14. Yellowing problems due to the presence of created carbonyl and carboxyl groups on cellulosic fibres. Christine Chirat, EFPG
 Fifth session - Vegetal fillers to improve paper properties (October 12th, 2005)
15. Micronised bleached sugar beet fillers to improve the strength properties of paper. Géraldine Champon, Tembec Tarascon
16. Production of carbohydrate nanofillers (whiskers, microfibrillated cellulose, starch nanocristals). Their potential interest. Alain Dufresne, EFPG
EFPG Party on the occasion of its ISO 9001 certification (October 12th, 2005 - 12h30)
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